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NTT: Japan’s Nippon Telegram & Telephone

January 25, 2016

Nippon Telegram & Telephone commonly known as NTT was founded on August 1, 1952, as Nippon Telegram and Telephone Public Corporation as a monopoly and owned by the Japanese government. To bring about competition in the telecom market it was privatized in 1985. NTT, at that time made the largest stock offing at $36.8 billion in 1987.

NTT is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and is one of the largest corporation in the world. Together with its subsidiaries, NTT provides fixed and mobile voice related services, IP/packet communication services, telecommunications equipment, and system integration and other telecommunications-related services in Japan and worldwide.

The company operates through five segments: Regional Communications Business, Long Distance and International Communications Business, Mobile Communications Business, Data Communications Business, and Other Businesses.

NTT provides regional communications services, including intra-prefectural communications and related ancillary services; long distance and international communication services, such as inter-prefectural communications, international communications, solution business, and related services. It provides mobile communications services, including mobile phone services and related services. Is also provides data communications services, such as system integration, network system services, and other.

The company also offers financial services, such as issuing leases and credit cards; real estate services, including building rentals and apartment sales. It provides systems development service and construction-related services, such as the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. Aside from this, NTT engages in strategic planning, designing, installing, and operating data communications systems and computer network-based informations systems, as well as providing IT services.

As of March 31, 2015, it had 18,716,000 FTTH service subscriptions; 1,219,000 ADSL service subscriptions; 24,344,000 fixed-line telephone service and ISDN service subscription; 11,586,000 ISP service subscriptions; and 66,595,000 mobile broadband and voice communication subscribers.

In late 2010, NTT’s Japan-to-US transpacific network reached 400 Gbit/s. In August 2011, its network capacity was expanded to 500 Gbits/s.

NTT has around 239,756 employees and annual sales in excess of $100 billion.

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