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Siemens: Global Technology Company

January 11, 2016

For over 160 years Siemens has managed to be at the forefront of many technological changes that have taken place. With emphasis on technology from the very start, the company has managed to be one of the pack leaders, mindfully aware that it must constantly innovate and change in order to survive and prosper.

Siemens AG does business as a global technology company. It is a huge operation with around 343,000 employees and annual sales of more than $97 billion. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company was founded in October 12, 1847, by Werner von Siemens and Johanna Georg Halske.

The company engages in the electronics and electrical engineering business. Its Power and Gas Segment offers gas and steam turbines, generators, compressors, power plant solutions, and instrumentation and control systems for generating electricity, and producing and transporting oil and gas.

The company’s Wind Power and Renewables segment designs, manufactures, and installs wind turbines for onshore and offshore applications; and offer solutions for hydro power. Its Energy Management segment provides products, systems, solutions, software, and services for transmitting and distributing power, and developing grid infrastructure. The firm’s Building Technologies segment offers automation technologies and services for fire safety, security, building automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and energy management.

Its Mobility segment offers passenger and freight transportation systems and solutions, including rail vehicles, rail automation systems, rail electrification systems, road traffic technology, IT solutions, and related services, as well as engages in consulting, planning, financing, constructing, servicing, and operation turnkey mobility systems. The Digital Factory segment of Siemens offers products and systems solutions for automation technologies and industrial controls.

The firm’s Process Industries and Drives segment provides products, systems, solutions, and services, including converters, gears, motors, drives, and couplings; and application-specific systems and solutions, as well as machine-to-machine communication products and sensors. Its Healthcare segment provides medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and IT solutions to the healthcare industry. Its Financial Services segment offers commercial finance, insurance, asset management, project and structured finance, leasing, venture capital, and treasury services.

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