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Huang Zhenda: Construction Tycoon

November 24, 2015

Huang Zhenda is worth a close to $2 billion as of November 2015. He made it big in the construction business and is a resident of Shantou, China. It wasn’t always this way for Huang who is now in his late 60s.

He began as a lowly construction worker. Yet not all construction workers are alike some seem do have that inner desire along with the willingness to put in the hard work to be able to rise above the rest. This isn’t meant to say that being a construction worker should be looked down upon. It’s just that there are those who aim high and make it and in the end actually hire construction workers to work for them. Such is the case of Huang.

He founded Shantou Dahao Municipal Engineering Corp. in 1984. This is the predecessor of his company Guandong Lian Tai Group which is responsible for the bulk of his over a billion dollars net worth. He privately owns the company but estimates point out that he is billionaire.

The Guandong Lian Tai Group is engaged in construction, toll road operation, property development and sewage treatment. Having begun as a construction worker, one can say that Huang has hands on experience on how his businesses are started and run.

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