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Vivendi: Multination Mass Media Company

October 29, 2015

Vivendi while known as a mass media company today is vastly different from where it began. A water company named Campagnie Générale de Eaux (CGE) was created on December 14, 1953, by an imperial decree of Napoleon III. CGE acquired a water concession in 1854 in order to supply water to the public in Lyon.  It served in that capacity for more than 100 years. It obtained a 50-year water concession with the City of Paris in 1861.

CGE remained mainly in the water sector for more than 100 years. Then it began to diversify starting 1976 under newly appointed CEO Guy Dejounay through a series of takeovers of companies other sector. It soon was into waste management, energy, transport service, and construction and property. CGE help found Canal+ in 1983, which was the first Pay-TV channel in France. Over the years successive CEOs have continued the diversification drive.  CGE changed its name to Vivendi in 1998.

Today, Vivendi S.A. is a French multinational mass media company based in Paris, France.  The firm has operations in music, television, film, tickets and video hosting service. Vivendi is a component of the Euro Sox 50 stock market index.

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