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Samsung Electronics: Global Giant

August 24, 2015

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is not only one of the largest electronics companies in the world but also one of the largest companies in the world by many measures. The firm was founded in January 13, 1969, and is based in Suwon, South Korea.

Since 2002, Samsung has been the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD panels. Since 2006 it has been the world’s largest manufacturer of television. It has been the largest manufacturer of mobile phones since 2011.

Together with its subsidiaries the firm engages in consumer electronics, information technology and mobile communications, and device solution businesses globally.

It provides mobile phones, tablets, televisions, Blu-rays, DVD players, home theaters, air track, Bluetooth speakers, and mini components. It also offers cameras and camcorders. As well as home appliances comprising refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. Samsung Electronics also manufactures and sells PC/peripherals/printers including laptops, all-in-one PCs, tablet PCs, notebooks, chrome devices, monitors, optical disc drives, laser printers/multifunctions, and consumable/toners. The company also offers memory and storage products like solid state drives and memory cards and accessories.

Samsung Electronics also provides healthcare products comprising digital radiography, ultrasound, and in-vitro diagnostics; hospitality displays; large format display; security and monitoring products comprising baby monitors, IP cameras and security systems; LSI products that include CMOS image sensors, display driver ICs, SIM card, ICs, system logic solutions, and near field communication ICs, as well as System-on-Chip, foundry services, and application processors for mobile devices.

It also offers LED solutions that comprise display and mobile LEDs, and LED components and engines; and LCD and OLED panels. Aside from this it is involved in technology business venture capital investments; and manufacturing semiconductor equipment and components, as well as offer repair service for electronic devices. Further, the company engages in manufacturing and selling electronic devices; providing general logistics agency services, medical equipment, dental CT services, credit management services, software, and consulting services; and toll processing of LCDs.

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