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Monotype Imaging: Technologies And Fonts

June 22, 2015

Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. is based in Woburn, Massachusetts. The company develops, markets, and licenses technologies and fonts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the rest of Asia. Monotype Imaging provides around 127,000 font products, including its own fonts from the Monotype Libraries, as well as fonts from third parties through its e-commerce websites. This includes,,,, and

The company also offers print drivers, page description language interpreters, print user interface technology and color imaging solutions to printer manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers. Monotype Imaging provides screen imaging technologies, printer imaging technologies, creative tools, cloud-based technology platforms, font management solutions, and expert consultation and custom type design services.

Aside from this, the company offers around 25,000 typeface designs, and supports around 250 Latin and non-Latin languages. Monotype Imaging’s software technologies are embedded in various consumer electronics devices, including laser printers, digital copiers, mobile phones, e-book readers, tablets, automotive displays, digital cameras, navigation devices, digital televisions, set-top boxes, and consumer appliances, and also in various software applications and operating systems. The company serves CE device manufacturers, creative professionals, independent software vendors, creative and business professionals, and content creators.

Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. can trace its history to over a hundred years when inventor Tolbert Lanston founded one of the precursor company to today’s Monotype, four centuries after Gutenberg, and in the process helped give birth to the age of mechanical typesetting.

Compugraphic Corporation was founded in 1960 with the intention of applying computer technology to the typesetting process. Monotype Typography and Compugraphic signed a cross-licensing agreement for a mutual exchange of proprietary typefaces in 1989. Also that year Agfa-Gevaert acquired Compugraphic and the new company became Agfa Corporation. Agfa Corporation acquired Monotype Typography in 1998 and the resulting new subsidiary, Agfa Monotype, became one of the largest font vendors in the world.

This company would eventually become Monotype Imaging and begin trading on the NASDAQ Global Market Exchange in 2007, as “TYPE”.

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