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Landec: Material Science

May 7, 2015

Landec Corp. is based in Menlo Park, California. Ray Steward founded the company on October 31, 1986. The material science company leverages its proprietary polymer technologies, applications development and capabilities to develop and commercialize new products for its core food and biomaterials businesses.

Landec develops and markets healthy prepackaged vegetables and innovative medical products. The firm has two proprietary polymer technology platforms: Intelimer Polymers and Hyaluronan Biopolymers.

The Intelimer Polymer is a crystalline, hydrophobic polymer that uses a temperature switch to control and modulate properties such as viscosity, permeability and adhesion when varying the material’s temperature above and below the temperature switch.

The Hyaluronan Biopolymers is a non-crystalline, hydrophilic polymer that exists naturally within the human body, most notably within the aqueous humor of the eyes, synovial fluid, skin and umbilical cord.

The company runs through its three business segments: Food Products Technology, Food Export and Hyaluronan-based Biomaterials. The Food Products Technology segments markets and packs specialty packaged whole and fresh-cut vegetables that incorporate the BreatheWay speciality packaging for the retail grocery, club store and food services industry.

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