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Tennant: Cleaning Solutions

April 30, 2015

Tennant Company was founded in 1870 by George H. Tennant. It began as a one-man woodworking business, evolved into a successful wood flooring and wood products company, and eventually into a manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment including inventing the first vacuum-equipped power sweeper for industrial use.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, today the firm designs, manufactures, and markets cleaning solutions globally. It provides floor maintenance and outdoor cleaning equipment, chemical-free and other sustainable cleaning technologies, aftermarket parts and consumables, and specialty surface coatings.

Tennant also offers equipment maintenance and repair services; and business solutions, such as financing, rental, and leasing programs. Its products are used in retail establishments and distribution centers; factories and warehouses; and public venues, such as arenas and stadiums, office buildings, schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, parking lots and streets, and other environments. Tennant markets its products to building services contract cleaners and various government entities through organizations and a network of authorized distributors under the Tennant, Nobles, Green Machines, Alfa Uma, Empresa Tennant and Orbio brands.

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