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Quaker Chemical Corp: Formulated Chemical Speciality Products

April 27, 2015

Quaker Chemical Corporation was founded in 1918 and was formerly known as Quaker Chemical Products Corporation and changed its name to Quaker Chemical Corporation in August in 1962. The company is based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. It has regional headquarters in Ulthoorn, The Netherlands, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Shanghai, China. Quaker is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol KWR, and has a long track record of financial consistency and strength.

As stated by the company it has been establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with leading customers in primary metals, metalworking, and other basic process industries throughout the world. Today, it has global presence in 19 countries and 29 locations, with over 60 percent of 2012 net sales outside the US. Quaker is also well positioned for growth in key emerging markets like China, India, and Brazil.

The company develops, produces, and markets various formulated chemical specialty products for various heavy industrial and manufacturing applications globally. Its products include rolling lubricants used by manufacturers of steel in the hot and cold rolling of steel, and by manufacturers of aluminum in the hot rolling of aluminum; corrosion preventives to protect metal during manufacture storage, and shipment; and metal finishing compounds to prepare metal surfaces for special treatments, such as galvanizing and in tin plating, as well as to prepare metal for further processing.

Quaker also provides machining and grinding compounds for use in cutting, shaping, and grinding metal parts; forming compounds to facilitate the drawing and extrusion of metal products; bio-lubricants for forestry and construction industries machinery; hydraulic fluids for steel, metalworking, and other customers to operate hydraulically activated equipment; and chemical milling maskants for the aerospace industry, and temporary and permanent coatings for metal and concrete products. In addition, it provides construction products , including flexible sealants and protective coatings for various applications; specialty greases; die casting lubricants; and chemical management services.

Quaker serves various industries, such as steel, aluminum, automotive, mining, aerospace, tube and pipe, cans, and other industries.

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