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Elecsys: M2M Expertise

March 30, 2015

Elecsys Corporation is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. The firm boasts of being a leading provider of M2M (machine-to-machine) technology solutions and customs electronics for critical industrial applications. The company’s systems enable clients to gain visibility and control of field assets to increase efficiency, enhance safety, and maximize productivity.

Elecsys M2M solutions has tens of thousands of systems in use in more than a dozen countries.These systems have been field-proven in harsh and remote environments to provide simple, yet powerful, end-to-end solutions incorporating rugged field hardware, wireless communications systems, data management applications, and flexible data interface options. Elecsys can manage and maintain Elecsys M2M solutions and can be accessed through a simple, web-based interface or be integrated directly with enterprise data applications. All of the company’s platforms provide the flexibility to be integrated directly with OEM equipment or customized for specific applications.

Major organizations in a wide range of industries have depended on Elecsys M2M solutions to reliably monitor and control their critical assets and infrastructure. From Class I railroads, multinational energy companies, and public utilities to many large industrial original equipment manufactures, Elecsys M2M solutions are trusted to keep operators reliably and security connected to equipment deployed anywhere in the world.

Among the solutions offered by Elecsys is Wireless Remote Monitoring. These are rugged and dependable solutions which connect remote field sites with host data systems to monitor and control key parameters anywhere in the world. Thousands of field-proven Elecsys remote monitoring devices are deployed throughout oil and gas production and distribution systems, power utilities, railroad, agriculture, water systems, and many other critical industrial applications.

Industrial Data Communications is another solutions offering of Elecsys. The firm’s powerful and configurable remote field communication devices provide process monitoring, data communication, and cyber security solutions for real-time data acquisition and control in industrial applications. The company’s field devices integrate seamlessly with enterprise data systems and a powerful suite of Elecsys software efficiently concentrates and securely transfers data from remote assets.

Other solutions include Embedded Data Modems, Mobile Data Acquisition, and Custom OEM Solutions.

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