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Omnicell: Health Care Automation

March 16, 2015

Omnicell Inc. which is headquartered in Mountain View, California was founded in 1992 on the premise that better management of supplies and medications would improve a hospital’s standard of care by allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients. The founder of the company is Randall Lipp. He started the company based on his own personal experience.

Randall’s daughter was hospitalized at birth. He noted a lot of inefficiency in the manner hospital supplies were managed, and observed that it impeded nursing staff from allocating more time directly caring for patients.
Today the firm is a leading provider of comprehensive, technologically advanced automation that enables health care facilities to acquire, manage, dispense, and deliver medications and supplies more effectively. Omnicell automation is utilized from the point of entry into the hospital through the central pharmacy, nursing units, operating room, procedural areas, and patient bedsides — as well as in long-term care sites.

Over two decades the firm has stuck to its mission of focusing on improving the medication and supply distribution process. Over 3,000 acute care customers globally have used Omnicell’s medication automation, supply chain, and analytics solutions to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and lower costs.

Around 6,000 institutional and retail pharmacies all over the world are able to optimize productivity and control costs due to Omnicell’s non-acute care solutions, including the MTS brand. Furthermore, as the firm states hospital readmissions are reduced because of the innovative medication adherence packaging solutions.

To ensure that Omnicell customers gain the most utility from their Omnicell systems, Omnicell provides a suite of analytics software, a comprehensive training and educational program and first-rate customer support. The company’s key product lines are: Central pharmacy automation, Medication management systems, Supply management systems, Business analytics, and Medication adherence packaging.

In terms of management, founder Randall Lipp has served as Omnicell’s Chairman since the company was established. He assumed the additional position of President and Chief Executive officer in 2002, taking a more active leadership role in the firm’s operations.

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