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Superior Uniform Group: Success With Uniforms

February 16, 2015

There are number of companies out there that are having a considerable amount if not having great success in their chosen industry. Yet one can never tell how long the streak of success will last. Some companies have gone under because of poor management others have been hit by changes in the industry as a whole.

Yet there are companies who make products that has relevance until today. One of those companies that has found a niche which continues to be in demand is Superior Uniform Group. It makes something which has been made for hundreds of years, and that is uniforms. The way it looks like it, uniforms will still be used for a very long time. So it looks like Superior Uniform Group will be around for a very long time as well.

Superior Uniform Group was established in 1920 and was originally known as Superior Surgical Manufacturing and was based in Long Island, New York. Today the company has headquarters in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

The firm is a leader in offering value-added service-based uniform programs and garments under the Fashion Seal, Fashion Seal Healthcare, HPI Direct,Superior ID, Martin’s Worklon, UniVogue and Blade brands. Superior Uniform Group is always in the lookout to expand to other areas which shows potential for growth and profit.

AThe company as it has done for years, outfits employees in a wide range of industries from head toe, including: Healthcare, Restaurant/Food Services, Private Security, Hospitality, Retail Employee ID, Entertainment, Transportation, Cleanroom, and Corporate Identity.

Superior Uniform Group provides customer the convenience of a “one-stop-shop” offering many value added services such as: Uniquely branded, customer-specific Uniform eStores; Custom Image Apparel & Uniform Design; Slip-Resistant Shoes; Promotional & Branded Products; Graphic & Media Design; Call Center Operations; and Fabric Testing Laboratory & Consultation.

The firm runs its operations in two reportable segments: Uniform and related products and Remote staffing Solutions. The Uniform and related products segment consists of the sale of uniforms and related items. The Remote staffing solutions segment consists of sales of staffing solutions.

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