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Eagle Materials: Construction Products

January 26, 2015

Eagle Materials, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded as Centex Construction Products, Inc. in 1963 and spin-off transaction in January 2004 made it a fully independent company. This independence has allowed the company more flexibility to invest in growth opportunities. Eagle Materials, over the years has increased market share and profitability through internal growth, acquisitions, and facility upgrades, making the most of the growing demand for the products it provides.

The company has made significant investments in high return projects, like facility modernization and expansion. This has solidified its position as a low-cost producer of building materials and construction products.

The firm is a leading provider of building materials and caters to markets across the United States.  Its operations are divided by product groups and include Cement, Gypsum Wall Board, Recycled Paperboard, Concrete And Aggregates, and Oil and Gas Proppants divisions.

For the Cement division the company has six cement plants that operate as separate entities and have been manufacturing under the Eagle Materials umbrella for more than 40 years. Its strategically located facilities have a combined annual capacity of almost 5 million tons.

Eagle’s gypsum wallboard division, American Gypsum Company, has been part of the firm for almost 25 years. It currently operates four gypsum wallboard plants and two distribution yards located through the United States. The gypsum wallboard plants have a combined annual production capacity of almost 4 billion square feet.

In the Recycled Paperboard division there is the Republic Paperboard Company, based in Lawton, Oklahoma which was purchased in late 2000. The company manufactures gypsum wallboard facing paperboard and other paperboard products. Republic has an annual capacity of around 320,000 tons.

Eagle’s concrete and aggregate division has been part of its portfolio for more than 35 years. It operates concrete plants and aggregates quarries in California, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

Eagle’s entry into the oil and gas proppants market among other activities included the acquisition in 2014 of CRS Proppants, based in New Auburn, Wisconsin.

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