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3D Systems: 3D Printing For Everyone

December 29, 2014

3D printing has only gotten public attention not too long ago. It’s not something that we commonly see like the ordinary computer printer. It’s something like it but can actually produce a product in three dimensional form and can be used like a spare part of an automobile. 3D Systems is a company that makes this form of technology available virtual to anyone as it sells to companies and individuals alike. Although there are various types of printers and not everyone has the skills to use them or actually need them the fact is this company makes it available for everyone to use.

3D Systems Corporation was founded in 1986 and based in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  The firm, through its subsidiaries, does business as a provider of 3D printing centric design-to-manufacturing solutions in the United States, Germany, the Asia-Pacific, and other European countries.

The firm’s 3D printers convert data input from computer aided design generated software format or 3D scanning and sculpting devices to printed parts. 3D Systems provides stereolithography, selective laser sintering, direct metal sintering, multi-jet modeling, color jet printing, and film transfer imaging printers. It also offers plastic jet printing products.

The company also blends, markets, sells and distributes proprietary, consumable, engineered plastic, nylon, and metal materials and composites for the use in printers under Accura, DuraForm, CastForm, LaserForm, and VisiJest brand names. Aside from this 3D Systems offers Geomagic software packages and design tools for reverse engineering, inspection, and haptic design packages; Cubify Invent and Cubify Design CAD software solutions; and 3D scanner products.

It offers pre-sale and post-sale services comprising applications development and custom engineered production solutions. It also offers installation, warranty, and maintenance services, as well as proprietary software printer drivers.  3D Systems primarily serves manufacturers of automotive, aerospace, computer, electronic, defense, education, consumer, energy, and healthcare products, as well as original equipment manufacturers, government agencies, universities, independent service bureaus, and individual consumers.  The firm sells its products and services through direct sales organization, sales, agents, resellers and distributors.

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