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Core Molding Technologies: Sheet Molding Compounds

December 15, 2014

Core Molding Technologies was founded in 1996 and originally named Core Materials Corporation and is now based in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to this though there was a predecessor company called Columbus Plastic Operations which was set up in 1980. This firm went to the extent of expanding its facility in 1988 and another expansion took place in 1995. In 1996 Core Materials Corporation was formed and acquired Columbus Plastics.  In 2002 the company changed its name to Core Molding Technologies, Inc. The company formed Core Specialty Composites, LLC in 2011.

Together with its subsidiaries, Core Molding Technologies manufactures sheet molding compounds (SMC) and molds of fiberglass reinforced plastics. It specializes in large-format moldings and provides a range of fiberglass processes, including compression molding of SMC, glass mat thermoplastics, and bulk molding compounds; and spray-up, hand lay-up, and resin transfer molding products.

Core Molding Technologies also provides reaction injection molding products. It sells its products for various markets such as medium and heavy-duty truck, marine, automotive, agriculture, construction, and other commercial products in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The company has continuously expanded production capabilities including building its 111,000 sq. ft. Gaffney, South Carolina plant in 1998 and in 2011 initiating a 39,000 sq. ft. expansion of its Matamoros Mexico facility. The Matamoros facility now has  manufacturing space of 476,000 sq. ft. and currently processes compression molding, hand lay-up, spray-up, vacuum resign transfer molding, assembly, topcoat paint, and tooling manufacturing.

In Columbus, Ohio where its corporate headquarters is located the total manufacturing space is 332,000 sq. ft. and currently processes SMC compounding, compression molding, vacuum resin transfer molding, reaction injection molding, and assembly.  Core Molding Technologies also has a manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio which has a manufacturing space of 108,000 sq. ft. and currently processes resin transfer molding, vacuum resign transfer molding, hand lay-up, spray-up, assembly, and tooling manufacturing.

Core Molding Technologies (CMT) is traded in the New York Stock Exchange

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