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Littelfuse: Electrical Components

December 1, 2014

Littelfuse, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and was founded in 1927 by Edward V. Sundt. He invented the first small, fast-acting protective fuse to prevent sensitive test meters from burning.

Today the company designs, manufactures, and sells circuit protection device for use in the automotive, electronic, and electrical markets worldwide. Littelfuse does business in three segments namely Electronics, Automotive and Electrical.

The  Electronic segment provides fuse protectors, positive temperature coefficient resettable fuses, varistors, polymer electrostatic discharged suppressors, discrete transient voltage suppression diodes, transient voltage suppression diode arrays and protection thyristors, gas discharge tubes, power switching components and fuseholders, blocks, and related accessories.

The products under this segments goes by the brands PICO II and NANO2 SMF which are marketed to manufacturers of a range of electronic products such as cell phones, computers, LCD TVs, telecommunications equipment, medical devices, lighting products, and white goods.

The Automotive segment offers blade and high current fuses, battery cable protectors and varistors. The products go by the brands ATO, MINI, MAXI, MIDI, MEGA, MasterFuse, JCASE and CablePro. These products cater to automotive original equipment manufacturers and parts distributors of passenger automobiles, trucks, buses, and off-road equipment. It sells its fuses in the automotive replacement parts market.

The Electrical segment provides power fuses and other circuit protection devices for use in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as large equipment, like HVAC systems, elevators, and machine tools. The firm also offers a line of electromechanical and electronic switch and control devices for commercial and specialty vehicles; and sensors for automobile safety systems, as well as protection relays and power distribution centers for the safe control and distribution of electricity.

The firm sells its products through distributors, direct sales force, and manufacturers’ representatives.

Littelfuse takes pride in its innovative contributions such as its development of sub-miniature fuses for NASA in the 1960s which were mission-critical components for the American space program. The firm introduced Autofuse® Fast-Acting Fuse for General Motors in 1976. Within eight years, it was being designed into vehicles all over the world.

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