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Gentherm: Thermal Technology

October 20, 2014

Amerigon Incorporated was launched in 1991 in Southern California. It started investigating a broad spectrum of technologies, including thermoelectric devices. In 1999 the firm introduced the first heated and cooled seat based on its innovative thermoelectric technology, creating a new market that continues to expand as consumers around the world embrace greater comfort and efficiency in vehicles. Amerigon changed its name to Gentherm Incorporated in September 2012. The firm is based in Northville, Michigan.

Gentherm designs, develops, and manufactures thermal management technologies and cable systems worldwide. The firm operates in three segments namely: Climate Controlled Seats (CCS), Advanced Technology, and W.E.T.

CCS offers products with variable temperature seat climate control systems for individualized thermal comfort to automotive passengers. This segment also offers automotive heated and cooled cup holders, and heated and cooled mattress products. It sells its products mainly to automobile and light truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), or their tier one suppliers.

The Advanced Technology segment is involved in the advanced research and development activities to improve the efficiency of thermoelectric devices, as well as to develop, market, and distribute products based on these new technologies.

The W.E.T. segment manufactures automotive seat comfort systems, and steering wheel heater systems, as well as integrated electronic components, such as blowers and electronic control units. Other products include specialized automotive cable systems products consisting of ready-made wire harnesses and related wiring products. It serves passenger car OEMs, commercial vehicle OEMs, and tier one seat manufacturers, and also the telecommunication, information technology, and medical equipment industries.

The W.E.T. segment actually came about when W.E.T. Automotive Systems was acquired in 2011. This allowed Gentherm to broaden its product portfolio, capabilities, and manufacturing footprint to offer a full range of thermal comfort products. W.E.T. has long experience in the thermal comfort enterprise. It was launched more than 40 years ago near Munich, Germany. W.E.T.  started manufacturing resistive heat products for the automotive industry in 1973 and gained 50 percent of the automotive market for heated seats by the time Gentherm acquired it.

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