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MesaLabs: Quality Control Instruments

October 16, 2014

Mesa Laboratories was incorporated in March 26, 1982. The firm was known then as Mesa Medical, Inc. and was founded by Luke Schmieder.  It is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado.

MesaLabs designs, manufactures, and markets quality control instruments and disposable products. The firm operates through three segments: Instruments, Biological Indicators and Continuous Monitoring.

The Instruments segment offers data loggers, medical meters and calibration solutions, gas flow calibration and air sampling equipment, and torque testing systems for use in healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical device, industrial hygiene, and semiconductor industries.

The Biological Indicators segment manufactures and markets biological indicators, such as spore strips, self-contained products, and culture media, as well as distributes chemical indicators used to assess the effectiveness of sterilization process.

The Continuous Monitoring segment designs, develops, and markets systems that are used to monitor various environmental parameters, like temperature, humidity, and differential pressure used for hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, blood banks, pharmacies, and a range of other laboratory and industrial environments.

MesaLab’s products are sold in the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, South America, Canada, and Central America.

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