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Geospace Technologies: Seismic Innovations

September 22, 2014

Geospace Technologies Corporation designs and manufactures and deploys seismic instrumentation, reservoir monitoring, cable/umbilical and thermal imaging through its four integrated component companies: Geospace Technologies, Geospace Engineering Resources International (GERI), Geospace Offshore and OYO Instruments.

The firm was founded in 1980 and based in Houston, Texas. It also has international offices in Canada, China, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The firm’s international manufacturing facilities are located in Canada and Russia.

The seismic products include land and marine nodal seismic data acquisition systems; geophones and hydrophones; seismic leader wires; geophone string and acquisition systems connectors; seismic telemetry cables; marine seismic cable retrieval and steering devices; multiple component sensors; and data acquisition systems.

Aside from these products Geospace Technologies also offers permanently installed high-definition reservoir characterization products for ocean-bottom applications in producing oil and gas fields. It also produces seismic borehole acquisition systems, which employs a fiber optic augmented wireline cable of high data transmission rates. The firm provides non-seismic product such as industrial products comprising sensors and tools for vibration monitoring, mine safety application, and earthquake detection. It also offers cables for power and communication for the offshore oil and gas and offshore construction industries; and water meter cables, and other specialty cable and connector products as well as thermal imagining products for the commercial graphics industry.

One of the products recently developed by the firm is the GSX, the Geospace Seismic Recorder, a cableless seismic data acquisition system, which dramatically changes the economics and productivity of the firm’s seismic acquisition customers.

One of the reasons the firm offers a wide range of products is it has transformed a thermal graphics line, originally developed for seismic plotting applications, into a large scale thermal printing solutions business. The company manufactures and distributes thermal imaging equipment and dry thermal film products to a variety of markets including the screenprint, point of sale, signage and textile markets.

Geospace Technologies serves seismic contractors, and independent and government-owned oil and gas companies.

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