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Echo Global Logistics: Transport Solutions

September 15, 2014

Transportation is one of the key components of making commerce work. Goods produced in one location don’t always have enough market in the same location and in order to prosper and grow have to sell the goods in other markets. In other words the goods have to be transported. Logistics companies help to make this happen yet many companies can’t afford to have their own transportation companies or it’s simply not just feasible to do so.

Echo Global Logistics is a company in the logistics business that was founded in 2005.  The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with presences in more than 25 locations all over the United States. Echo Global’s employees number over 1,200.

The firm provides technology-enable transportation and supply chain management solutions. Echo Global has its own proprietary technology platform to compile and analyze data from its multi-modal network of air freight, rail and motor transportation providers for the transportation of logistical needs.  It provides services in various transportation modes such as truckload, less-than truck-load, small parcel, inter-modal, domestic air, and expedited and international transportation services.

Echo Global’s principal logistics services include rate negotiation; procurement of transportation; shipment execution and tracking; carrier management, reporting, and compliance; executive dashboard presentations and detailed shipment reports; freight bill audit and payment; claims processing and service refund management; design and management of inbound client freight programs; individually configured Web portals and self-service data warehouses; enterprise resources planning integration with transactional shipment data; and integration of shipping applications into client e-commerce sites.

Echo Global caters to clients in different industries like retail, manufacturing, construction and consumer products.

While the company has grown organically it has also used acquisition to increase its size and market share. Effective December 1, 2011, it acquired the stocks of Trailer Transport Systems (TTS). In June 2012, Echo Global bought Plum Logistics, LLC.  In July 2012, it acquired all of the assets of Shipper Direct Logistics, Inc. It acquired two more companies thereafter.

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