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Tyler Technologies: Public Sector IT

August 18, 2014

Tyler Technologies is a company headquartered in Plano, Texas. The firm creates, delivers and supports software solutions and services that make it easier for local governments and schools to manage their complex, day-to-day business functions. The firm has a unique position because of its sole concentration on serving the public sector with a wide array of products. This covers financial management and property taxes to courts and education.

The firm’s products serve as the backbone for core business functions in the public sector. Tyler Technologies is dedicated to assisting its local government and school clients streamline the many aspects of their financial management, court case, property tax, public safety, citizen services, public records and education systems.

The firm’s deep industry expertise comes from its staff since many of them have held public sector positions before joining Tyler Technologies. They understand what clients want and need to operate more efficiently because they’ve been there. With this knowledge and expertise Tyler Technologies is positioned better than anyone else to anticipate and address the changing technology needs of the sector.

Interestingly enough, the firm did not start out doing business solely with the public sector. Tyler Technologies was founded in 1966 operating as a holding company with operations in many industrial, retail and distribution businesses through 1998. In the period, the firm bought a sold many businesses and by 1987 has 10,000 employees with annual sales of $1.1 billion.

Tyler Technologies initiated a multi-phase plan in 1997 that changed the firm’s focus to serving the unique information management software needs of local governments nationwide. The firm changed its name to Tyler Technologies to reflect this growth strategy. The company entered the local government software market in 1998 and 1999 through a series of strategic acquisition of companies. Tyler Technologies today is the largest company in the U.S. solely dedicated to providing software and services to the public sector, including solutions for state, county and local governments and schools.

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