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IPG Photonics: Advanced Lasers

August 11, 2014

IPG Photonics Corporation develops and manufactures fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, and diode lasers that are utilized in various applications, mainly in materials processing as well as in communications, medical and other advanced applications.  The firm was founded in 1990 and is based in Oxford, Massachusetts.  IPG operates worldwide with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Germany, Russia, Italy, and regional sales offices in Japan, Korea, India and the United Kingdom.

The firm believes its lasers will continue to displace traditional lasers in many existing applications due to their superior performance and value. Its vertically integrated development and manufacturing capabilities allows IPG to address customer requirements, accelerate development, manage costs and improve component yields, while maintaining high performance and quality standards.

The company’s products include low, medium and high output power lasers; fiber pigtailed packaged diodes and fiber coupled direct diode laser systems; high-energy pulsed lasers, multi-wavelength and tunable lasers, and single-polarization and single-frequency lasers; laser diode chips and packaged laser diodes; and high power optical fiber delivery cables, fiber couplers, beam switches, chillers, scanners and other accessories.

IPG also provides erbium-doped fiber and Raman amplifiers, and integrated communication systems, which are deployed broadband networks, such as fiber to the home, fiber to the curb, passive optical networks, and dense wavelength division multiplexing networks; ytterbium and thulium specialty fiber amplifiers and broadband light source; and single frequency, linearly polarized, and polarization-maintaining versions of its amplifier products.

Aside from this IPG provides integrated laser systems, industrial grade UV excimers, diode pumped solid state, and picoseconds laser micromachining systems; specialized fiber laser systems for material processing applications; and welding seam stepper and picker, a fiber laser welding tool for use in automotive assembly, appliances, rail cars, and other sheet metal fabrication.

The firm’s lasers and amplifiers are also utilized in manufacturing and commercial systems; and the research of advanced technologies and products by commercial firms, and academic and government institutions.

IPG since it began operations has shipped over 40,000 units to more than 500 customers all over the world.

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