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Synaptics: Human Interface Solutions

July 24, 2014

Not all the features you find in your computer come from the company that produces that brand. Some are products patented by other firms.  One company that has made a living producing products that can be used by other tech firms is Synaptics Incorporated.

The firm has headquarters in San Jose, California and was founded in 1986. It develops, markets and sells custom-designed human interface solutions for electronic devices and products mainly in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

Synaptics provides its human interface solutions for mobile product applications such as smartphones and feature phones, tablets, large touchscreen applications, and global positioning devices. This also includes mobile, handheld, wireless, and entertainment devices; and other personal computer (PC) product applications, like peripherals made up of keyboards, mice, and monitors and also remote control devices for desktops, PCs, and digital home applications.

Perhaps TouchPad is one of its better known products, a touch-sensitive pad that senses the position and movement of a person’s finger on its surface. Another Synaptics product is ClearPad which allows users to interact with the display on electronic devices.

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