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SolarWinds: Managing IT

July 10, 2014

SolarWinds, Inc.  was founded in 1999 and based in Austin, Texas. The firm’s shares are traded in the New York Stock Exchange.  SolarWinds designs, develops, markets, sells and supports enterprise information technology (IT), infrastructure management software to IT professionals in organizations of any size.  SolarWind’s provides products covering individual software tools to more encompassing software products that solve problems encountered by IT professionals.

The firm’s products are built to help management of their infrastructure, including networks, applications, storage and physical and virtual servers, as well as products to log and event management.

The company strives to produce powerful functionality that is easy to use and boasts of one of the fastest and longest lasting ROIs in the market.  Its approach is to deliver “unexpected simplicity” and redefine the expectations IT professional have for enterprise software which have become complex.

The firm is in continuous interaction with its global user community to guide its product development and strategy. It also constantly evolves its products to insure that its software is always relevant and continues to deliver increasing value over the lifetime of ownership.

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