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Wirtz Corporation: Diversified Family Company

May 19, 2014

There are just some entrepreneurs who become very successful and are able to build large companies. Today there are many self-help books, degrees, etc. that are made to produce entrepreneurs. Yet it boils down to the individual. You can only teach so much and everything else depends on the person.

One person who eventually built a diversified company is Arthur Wirtz. He established Wirtz Corporation in 1926 as a real estate company which was managing or owning over 80 buildings in Chicago, Illinois. Wirtz Realty has grown today to include an impressive apartment portfolio, offering 23 luxury residences located in the most sought-after neighborhoods of Chicago. It has an expert management and leasing staff carrying with it over 80 years of proud service. The realty company more recently established an investment and development services division backed by a resourceful team of leaders specializing in construction, engineering, architecture, law, development, operations, marketing, accounting, and finance.

Another successful business was established in 1945. This was the Wirtz Beverage Group. It has now become a nationwide industry leading beverage-alcohol distributor with businesses in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada and Wisconsin.

The firm also has insurance and banking interests such as Illinois-based First Security Trust & Savings Bank and First National Bank of South Miami which are still essential components of Wirtz Corporation.

Wirtz Corporation also owns the Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Team. It co-owns the United Center which the Blackhawk and Chicago Bulls call home. The Chicago Blackhawks is not your average team; it has achieved the highest success with its winning of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup championship no just once but twice in 2010 and again in 2013.

The firm continues to grow its newest member is Banner Collective, a full-service creative and production company primed to enhance communication and entertainment for the 21st Century.

Wirtz Corporation is currently led by William Rockwell “Rocky” Wirtz. Many family members are also company executives. The firm has over $2 billion in annual revenues and has around 3,000 employees. It is one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S.

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