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Travelport: Travel Reservation Platforms

May 8, 2014

The world moves on information. One area where people need information is when they travel. They want to know how to get there. Information is also needed on the prices involved. With so much information out there using the phone to get the information one by one has become an ancient way of doing travel.

The information is all collated now and you can go online or to a travel agency to work out your travel itinerary. One company that is into this business is Travelport. Whether you’re going by air, sea, or land this company has you covered. Through its primary Global Distribution Systems (GDS) division, the company operates electronic reservation platforms Worldspan and Galileo and travel agency service provider THOR. GDS connects travel agencies, websites, and corporations with travel supplier globally. Travelport Airline IT Solutions serves air carriers with high tech business tools and services.

The travel conglomerate serves travel agencies, corporate travel departments and owns about 48 percent of online travel company Orbitz Worldwide. Orbitz went public in 2007 and not longer consolidates its sales with Travelport.  The Blackstone Group owns Travelport.

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