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Ingram Industries: Of Boats And Books

April 17, 2014

Except for the first letter of the words, boats and books don’t really have much in common as far as business goes. Yet Ingram Industries has managed to run these two businesses successfully. The firm is family owned and has two divisions.

One of the divisions is Ingram Marine Group. It operates Ingram Barge. This just happens to be the largest inland carrier in the U.S. It has a fleet of around 4,000 barges and about 140 towboats. Ingram Barge ships grains, ore and other goods.

The other division is Ingram Content Group. It distributes books and handles digital assets. This division consists of Ingram Book, which is a book wholesaler. Ingram Digital is a digital content distributor while Lightning Source is an on-demand book printer. It has other units geared towards Christian bookshops and libraries. Ingram Content Group is reputed to be the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital content.

Operating two very large divisions with diverse operations is quiet and achievement that Ingram Industries has managed to pull off.

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