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Fry’s Electronics: Themed Approach

April 7, 2014

You can find themes in weddings, entertainment parks, and a host of other activities. In the case of electronics the focus is usually on the electronic items; it’s that plain and simple. Yet not for Fry’s Electronics, it chose to have a unique theme for each of its store branches and the theme does not necessarily have to be high-tech.

It’s not easy to point out if it’s the themes or they simply offer tons of electronic products but one thing for sure business continues to be prosperous. Since its founding in 1985, in Sunnyvale, California there are now 34 stores. These stores each retail more than 50,000 electronic items. At present there are 8 stores in Northern California, 9 stores in Southern California, 8 stores in Texas, 2 stores in Arizona, 2 stores in Georgia, and for Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, there is one store each.

When it first store opened the store was 20,000 square feet in size. Now the stores range in size from 50,000 to 180,000 square feet. Another option customers can take is to shop online at Fry’

In Northern California at Campbell there is an ancient Egyptian theme complete with King Tut tombs displays. In Palo Alto you’ll feel like you’re out in the old wild, wild west. In Roseville the theme is about the influence of the California railroad and there is a train engine crashing through the wall and a full-size train replica on track in the store. Sunnyvale is closer to electronics with a theme reflecting on the history of Silicon Valley.   The store in Dallas, Texas lets you experience the Lazy-K ranch, complete with a herd of longhorn cattle. Other states and stores have their own unique theme.

Fry’s Electronics, Inc. was founded by the three Fry brothers, John, Randy, and Dave; and Kathy Kolder. It is a closely-held private company with all the founders actively involved in the daily operations of the business.


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