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Shamrock Foods: Food Manufacturing And Distribution

April 3, 2014

At times an enterprise leads to a new enterprise which can grow to a very huge operation. This is what happened to W.T. McClelland who started a farm in 1922. He wound up starting a foodservice distribution company that would become one of the largest in the country.

W.T. McClelland founded Shamrock Farms in 1922 with 20 cows and a Model T. truck. Out of it would be formed Shamrock Foods which is noq the seventh largest foodservice distributor in the U.S. Shamrock Foods distributes fresh and frozen foods, specialty items and gourmet foods to food service clients.

The firm also distributes dairy products to supermarket and convenience stores in the southwestern states. As to Shamrock Farms it is now the largest family owned dairy farm in the Southwest, with more than 10,000 head of cattle. It has a full line of organic and conventional dairy products such as its “on-the-go” extended shelf life milk.

Not only did the foodservice distribution business become very successful but also the original farm business as well. The firm is still family-owned.

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