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M.A. Mortenson Company: Decades Of Experience

March 3, 2014

There are many construction companies out there experiencing fast growth. This is a good sign but how many of them will still be around three or five years from now? Many things can happen in the ever dynamic construction industry.

One construction firm that has been tested by time and continues to grow is M.A. Mortenson. The company has headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was founded in 1954.  The founder of the company M.A. Mortenson, Sr. (1905-1986) had already been in the construction industry for 30 years before he started the firm. Mortenson was already 48 years old when he started that company and there were some doubts about doing so at a relatively older age.

Mortenson credits a good part of the company’s success to his wife Jennie who started in the job with no pay, to be the telephone operator, stenographer, payroll clerk, bookkeeper, and chief morale builder.

Today M.A. Mortenson Company has come a long way.  It has now been in existence for over half a century proving its staying power and relevance.  The firm has done construction work all over the country. The company which is classified as a general contractor offer construction, development, and design services for a host of projects. The industries it provides its services include, corporate, education, aviation, electronics and semiconductors, health care, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing and retail.

Aside from this M.A. Mortenson Company has entities concentrated on federal project, sports venues, facilities operations, and renewable energy such as biofuel facilities and wind farms. While mainly doing business in the U.S. the firm also has activities in China, assisting its domestic clients to expand into markets there.

A private owned company, M.A. Mortenson, Jr., the son of the founder is now the chairman.

What began as a little start-up with the wife, initially an unpaid employee is now a huge corporation which doesn’t look like it will stop any time sooner.

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