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Plastipak: Looking For A Solution

February 6, 2014

At times when we look for solutions it not only solves a problem but can also lead to new opportunities. This is how Plastipak began.

In 1967 Bill Young graduated from the University of Detroit and then joined the family business of water delivery. He was only sixteen when his parent bought the company and Bill was involved with the business from the start.

He quickly understood the potential of the industry having developed a thorough understanding of how the water business worked. One of the serious challenges facing the business was the heavy five-gallon jugs used to deliver the water. These five-gallon jugs weighed 50 pounds with a full load of water and required superior strength.

Plastipak was founded in 1967 as plastic seemed to be the ideal solution. Bill negotiated a deal to buy plastic bottles for the company. Later to guarantee a steady supply of them manufacturing was done in house.

Plastipak now supplies containers and packaging products to consumer companies like Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble. It has manufacturing facilities in nine U.S. states and in Europe and South America.  The company has around 4,500 employees with annual sales of $2.4 billion.

One solution led to an even bigger opportunity.

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