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The Center for Counseling & Health Resources: A Life Affirming Edmonds, Washington, Treatment Facility

January 31, 2014

Founded in 1984, the Center for Counseling & Health Resources has a core commitment to helping people transform their lives for the better. The Edmonds, Washington, licensed treatment facility has a unique approach to individualized care for clients with eating disorders, relationship problems, and persistent trauma and abuse issues. Dedicated counselors, medical specialists, and therapists are committed to staying with individuals throughout their step-by-step healing journey. A “whole person” approach encompasses integrated physical health, intellectual nourishment, social connectedness, and nutritional awareness aspects of treatment.

A state-certified alcohol and substance abuse program encompasses intensive outpatient and day patient components that reorient patients from addictions that mask feelings of inadequacy, shame, and anger. The Center assists clients in understanding and coming to terms with the root causes of addiction. and offers a nonjudgmental space for healing and renewal. Maintaining dual psychiatry and addiction treatment licenses, the Center has the capacity to assist patients in overcoming coexisting disorders such as anorexia and drug dependency. In certain cases, medical detoxification programs are a necessary prerequisite to entering the treatment facility and benefitting from its personalized curriculum.

The Center for Counseling & Health Resources’ internationally recognized intensive treatment program for eating disorder spans 1-3 months and is typically followed by an extended transitional care program. In contrast with many programs centered around group sessions, the Center emphasizes productive one-on-one counseling. The four-week intensive program is tailored to specific client needs, including bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. In addition to receiving comprehensive physical and mental health assessments, participants are provided with focused assistance in rebuilding positive family relationships.

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