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EBSCO Industries: A Diversified Company

January 30, 2014

EBSCO Industry was actually started by a law graduate and his wife. In 1936 Elton B. Stephens earned a law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law. He decided that managing the sale of magazines was more profitable than a law career. Stephen’s exposure to magazines was due to the fact the he sold them to earn money for college.

“EBSCO” is actually the acronym for Elton B. Stephens Co. In 1944 he and his wife, Alys Robinson Stephens, formed a partnership to sell magazines, personalized binders and racks to the U.S. Armed Forces under the name of Military Service Company. As a naturally progress the couple established Metal Fabricators and Finishers (currently Vulcan Industries) in 1946 to manufacture display stands.  Next Vulcan Binders and Covers (now Vulcan Information Packaging) was formed in 1947 to manufacture binders.

Today, the firm is a diversified holding company made up of more than 40 diverse business units. It main businesses include providing journal and magazine subscription services to libraries and corporations and the manufacture of fishing lures and hunting-related products.  Other businesses include commercial and residential real estate and other light manufacturing.

EBSCO Industries, Inc. is based in Birmingham, Alabama.  It has annual sales of around $2.4 billion with 6,000 employees.

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