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Brookshire Grocery: Supermarket Chain

January 27, 2014

Concentrating in the Southern part of the United States a store founded in 1939 has entrenched itself in its chosen area of operation and is churning over two billion dollars in sales.

Some entrepreneurs put up a grocery and have big dreams for it like having a chain of stores all over the place. Others are content with having one store. While there can only be one Wal-Mart, there are many aspirants to the throne. While there are store chains that are present nationally others have strong regional presence. The area they cover a large enough for their businesses to reach huge proportions. Earnings in the hundreds of millions is already quite an achievement earning billions is in a different plane.

One of these regional powerhouse store chains that as broken the billion dollar barrier is Brookshire Grocery. It was founded in 1939 and now has around 12,000 employees. The firm is based in Tyler, Texas and has more than 150 stores all over Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. The company has four banners which are Brookshire’s, Super 1 Food, Ole Foods and ALPS. Super 1 Food is a warehouse-style retailer, and Ole Foods caters to Texas’ growing Hispanic population. Brookshire Grocery owns three distribution centers as well, a dairy and SouthWest Foods, its private-label manufacturing unit.

The company has managed to reach such a large size by selling staples, specialties, and good old Southern hospitality. Brookshire’s stores average around 40,000 sq. ft., while its warehouse-style Super 1 Foods stores average 80,000 sq. ft. The majority of Brookshire Grocery’s stores have pharmacy departments. The supermarket chain was actually a part of the Brookshire Brothers grocery chain which dates back to 1921 but the family-owned-and-run company split from it in 1939.

While not a national chain Brookshire Grocery does good business in the area it operates in revenue as of December 31, 2013 stood at $2.5 billion. Now that’s not small by any standards.

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