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JMC Steel: Pipe And Tube Expertise

January 13, 2014

When you’ve been in basically the same business for over 130 years it’s hard to argue about your level of expertise in that business. When it comes to pipes and tubes it’s difficult to argue about the know-how of JMC Steel Pipe Group. The company was founded in 1877 as the John Maneely Company (JMC).

The firm began as a distribution business. It was a distributor of pipe, values and fittings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. JMC excelled in this industry as it later became one of the largest independent steel pipe and tube distributors in the U.S. East Coast.  From distribution the company went into manufacturing.

JMC Steel Group today is one of the largest independent manufacturers of tubular products in North America. The firm produces over 2.5 million tons of tubular products a year through its 15 manufacturing facilities.  Given its over a century of operation the company has a thorough understanding of its customer’s businesses and markets. This allows its wholesalers, distributors, fabricators, original equipment manufacturers, contractors and design/build engineering companies throughout North America to manage inventory, reduce supply chain costs, and meet their customer’s needs.

With over a century of history the company is always innovating and looking for new ways to improve its product as it most certainly wants to be around for another hundred years.

The products of JMC set industry standards for high quality. The firm produces these products in the shortest cycle time. This enables them to deliver the pipe and tube solutions customers need as they are needed. The products manufactured include: oil and gas products, standard pipe, fire protection pipe, electrical conduit products, fence framework products, hollow structural sections (HSS), pipe piling, mechanical tube, and DOM tubing.

JMC offers a full range of pipe and tube solutions to a variety of demanding market segments. Its personnel deliver an in-depth understanding of industry specific issues and strong technical expertise to customers’ projects from the deepest oil wells to the highest skyscrapers. The markets JMC services include non-residential construction, energy, transportation, government, and utilities.


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