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Heico: Turning Companies Around

January 9, 2014

In 1979, Michael Heisley established Heico with one small manufacturing company. Today Heico Companies is a Chicago-based holding firm that buys underperforming or bankrupt companies to turn them around. It has holding interests in companies belonging to a variety of industries such as aerospace, steel wire products, pre-engineered metal buildings, heavy equipment, telecommunications, plastics, food production, commercial construction and material handling equipment.

Heico has a diversified portfolio of over 35 businesses. Since the company was established it has been grown by aggressively reinvesting its earnings into both internal growth and new acquisitions. The company is privately held and a long term investor as such it provides it operations with the resources and stability they need to excel in the current competitive business arena.

Heico’s core operations are organized into four platforms: Ancra Group, Heico Metal Processing Group, Heico Construction Group, and Pettibone L.L.C. Each of the company’s businesses runs on stand-along basis within each of these groups. This setup allows the company great independence while at the same time they benefit from the chance to share knowledge about markets, production processes and management practices with any of the companies.  As a whole the firm’s businesses produce more than $2 billion in revenues.

The firm’s chairman is now Emily Heisley Stockel and E.A. Roskovenksy is president and CEO.

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