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Rosen’s Diversified: Agri Holding Company

December 26, 2013

Brothers Elmer and Ludwig Rosen founded Rosen’s Diversified Inc. (RDI) in 1946. After WWII the two began buying livestock in rural areas and hauled it to St. Paul, Omaha, and other parts. They had little money put plenty of hard work ethic.  In the late 1950s they started going the opposite direction by selling feed, fertilizers and chemicals to farmers.

Business was good and by 1974 they purchased a packing facility which was the company’s first involvement with the beef-processing industry.  One of RDI’s subsidiaries is American Foods, LLC which is the result of a 2005 merger of the two largest privately held meat processors in the U.S. It is now the 5th largest beef processing company in the U.S. and ships more than four million pounds of beef a day.

RDI later acquired America’s Service Line, Performance Pet Products and Light Incorporated.

Today RDI is  vertically integrated agricultural holding company with subsidiaries spanning agricultural chemicals, pet food and treats, trucking, and marketing. The firm sells its products under brands like Big City Reds, Great America Steaks and Great American Hamburgers to almost 40 countries.

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