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Schnucks: Regional Supermarket Chain Powerhouse

December 23, 2013

What began as individual enterprises eventually wound up as a joint effort by the whole family producing a supermarket chain with interstate coverage.

Edwin H. Schnucks opened his wholesale meat business in 1937. His wife Anna, opened the first retail store of the family which was a confectionery in north St. Louis in 1939. Edward (Ed) the oldest son soon followed opening a corner store in the area. Annette, the second child and her husband also opened a store followed by another store opened by third child Donald (Don).

The families had opened seven stores among them by 1947. Later Ed and Don would sell their stores and teamed up with their father to make their business grow bigger. Edwin and his two sons would eventually incorporate their business as Schnucks Markets, Inc.  in 1952.

The firm was operating 10 modern, state-of-the art stores in the St. Louis area by the late 1960s. Schnucks continued to grow both organically and through acquisition. The firm in the mid 1970s began combining food and drugstores to offer more products and convenience to customers.

Today Schnucks Markets is the region’s largest food retail chain. The company runs round 100 stores. Two-thirds of the stores as located in the St. Louis area. The other stores can be found in Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois. Every store provides a complete line of groceries with 95 percent of the stores having pharmacies.

Store products include bakery, dairy, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, produce, seafood, snacks, liquor and of course pharmacy.

Schnucks Markets was founded in north St. Louis in 1939. As it was then the company is privately owned by the Schnuck family. Scott Schnuck is CEO. The firm had revenue of $2.6 billion in 2011 with around 15, 000 employees.

What started as individual efforts by members of the family ended up being a whole family endeavor. Today Schnucks is still a family-owned and run business.

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