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Arctic Slope Regional Corporation: Aboriginal Claims

December 19, 2013

It’s true that those who are the fittest will survive. The dynamics of migration and creation of countries bring with it some complexities such as what about the claims of the natives who first inhabited the area. An example of a solution to this issue is the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC). It is one of thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA) in settlement of aboriginal claims.

ASRC was incorporated in Alaska on June 22, 1972. It has headquarters in Barrow, Alaska, with administrative offices in Anchorage. The company is a for-profit organization with almost 11,000 Alaska Native shareholders primarily of Inupiat Eskimo descent.

ASRC is the largest locally owned and operated business in Alaska. It gets the bulk of its sales from energy services (ASRC Energy Services) and petroleum refining and marketing unit (Petro Star). Other operations include construction (ASRC Construction Holding), government services (ASRC Federal Holding), economic development (Alaska Growth Capital BIDCO), local services (Eskimo, Inc.) and tourism (Tundra Tours).

This is one company that has put to good use the resources that has been given to it.

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