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Sequa: Aerospace And Metal Coating

December 16, 2013

When we ride in an airplane our concern is about how much legroom we have, the cabin temperature whether it’s too hot or too cold, the lighting and so forth. What we sometimes fail to realize is how sophisticated an airplane is. Imagine how many tons it weighs yet it can fly through the air. To keep the planes safe to fly there must be regular repair and maintenance.

Repair and maintenance is important because aside from the safety factor major parts may have to be totally replaced if there is no regular repair and maintenance. This is a costly exercise. Good thing there are companies like Sequa Corporation whose Chromalloy business unit offers the airline industry with a wide array of aftermarket services. It ranks as the leading independent supplier of advanced repairs for jet engine parts. This includes major rotating parts, cases, frames, and combustors for airlines, industrial customers, and other aftermarket customers.  This is the largest business unit of Sequa Corporation.

Sequa’s other business unit is Precoat Metals. It is the largest independent metal coil coater in North America. The firm offers speedy, dependable service and the highest standard of quality to a broad range of industrial customers. Precoat Metals is a leader in the application of decorative and protective coatings to continuous coiled steel for use in commercial and residential construction projects. The firm serves an expanding list of other industrial end users.

Sequa Automotive Group was another business unit which made airbags inflators for many OEM and CASCO Products as a tier one automotive supplier. It was sold in late 2012 to investment firm The Jordan Company.

Sequa Corporation is headed by Armand F. Lauzon, Jr. who is the CEO. Armand is also the CEO of Chromalloy. Before joining Sequa, Armand held positions at two Carlyle portfolio companies. He served as Executive Chairman and CEO and currently sits on the board of JMC Steel Group, the largest independent tubular steel manufacturer in North America. Previous to that he led Firth Rixson Ltd., first as CEO then later as Chairman.

Privately held Sequa Corporation is owned by the Carlyle Group.



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