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Roll Global: Huge Investments

December 12, 2013

Steward and Lynda Resnick were both successful business people who teamed up and have had great success in their various businesses. The couple first bought Teleflora (flower delivery service) in 1979.  Next they purchased a home alarm and security company named American Protection Industries (API). This became their holding company.

The Resnicks made other company purchases and sales including the sale of the home and alarm security company. They still maintained the name API for their holding company until 1993.  They then changed the company name to Roll International and later Roll Global.

Today Roll Global has in its portfolio brands like juice company POM Wonderful, bottled water company Fiji Water, fruit and nut company Paramount Farms (makers of Wonderful Pistachios) and Paramount Citrus, Justin Vineyards and Winery, house marketing agency Fire Station. They also own a pest control company Suterra and a business as diverse as sea freight company Neptune Pacific Line.

This privately held corporation is based in Los Angeles, California with annual sales of over $2 billion. The Resnicks are also engaged in considerable charitable works through their companies.

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