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Follet: Textbooks And More

November 21, 2013

If there’s one thing that learning institutions have aside from teachers and the buildings are books or the learning materials which the students must have in order to learn. After all the teacher is not going to spend the whole day in class talking word for word like a textbook.

Follet is one company that has been a partner with the education industry for a long time; over 135 years in fact. The firm today provides universities, libraries and schools and school districts with a wide array of educational tools and services that are integral to the learning process. Follet which is based in River Grove, Illinois, offers traditional and digital textbooks, course materials, e-commerce and software to create a unique platform of support for its customers.

The firm has seven business units. The first is Follet Higher Education Group targeting colleges and university. The second is Follet Library Resources which focuses on helping PreK-12 school libraries stay current, focused and empowered to bring maximum value to the learning experience. The other business units are: Follet Educational Services, Follet Software Company, and Follet International.

From traditional text books to digital and e-commerce Follet has stayed relevant and profitable with sale of $2.7 billion annually.

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