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Services Group Of America: Distribution Expert

November 11, 2013

The point of production is usually located differently from the point of consumption. In fact what is produced in one location is taken to different locations where they are either processed further or ready for final consumption. With this given fact some form of distribution is taking place and companies have made it big in the distribution business.

One of the largest and privately held food distribution companies in the U.S.  is Services Group of America. It is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Group is a diversified company which is also into marketing and logistics.

The firm’s operations are defined by its subsidiaries which includes Food Services of America and System Services of America which are into food service distribution; Amerifresh is into fresh produce marketing; Ameristar Meats is into custom meat processing, sales and distribution; GAMPAC is into transportation and third party logistics; Development Services of America is into commercial real estate development and management and Event Services of America is into event production.

Services Group of America firms offers distribution services to foodservice operators in 16 states across the Pacific Rim, Alaska, West, and Midwest. The company while it had grown organically was built over the years from different companies put together to complement each other’s operations.

The company began in 1989 but its history goes back further to 1967 when company founder Thomas J. Steward started Stevedoring Services of America. He built it into the largest stevedoring company on the West Coast, having 42 percent of the market share. The area the company covered stretched from Anchorage to San Diego.

Steward began acquiring other companies like Miller Produce in 1972 and United Cascade Foods in 1974 then formed the company Miller Cascade Foods. He also formed an insurance company for the dock workers.  Pacific Gamble Robinson was acquired in 1986 and merged with Miller Cascade to form Food Services of America.

Food Services Group was split off from Stevedoring Services of America and would become one of the largest broadline food services distributors in the country.

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