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Life Care Centers Of America: Elderly Care

November 4, 2013

While in the olden days the elderly just lived with their children, the demands of modern living has altered this form of relationship. With almost everyone needing to work no one is left to take care of the elderly. This has spawned an industry that takes care of them and is now a permanent fixture in the U.S. economy.

At some point in time we all grow old. It’s a given in life. We don’t live forever. Aging is not a fast process. We live but slowly so many things that we were able to do before we can no longer do now. Our reflexes slows down, we can no longer lift heavy objects.

There is a point in time when we have to looked after. We can no longer do the same things we did before or we may need certain medications. America though is a working society. Most everyone has to work to pay the bills. Thus taking care of the elderly may affect people’s ability to earn a living. That’s why services such as nursing homes came into being so that the elderly can be taken cared of.

One company that has found great success in taking care of the elderly is Life Care Centers of America. The firm is a privately owned operator of over 200 skilled retirement and health care centers in 28 states across the U.S. Life Care Centers of America provides retirement communities, assisted-living facilities, and nursing homes. There are campuses that provide all three in a continuum care.

The company also operates centers specializing for people with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Other services provided includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology; assisted living care; and home care services, including skilled or intermittent care, sitters and private services, live-in services and social services.

The number of facilities that Life Care Centers has around the country is an indication that they have been doing their job in taking care of the elderly. Founder Forrest Preston opened his first center in 1970 and now sits as company chairman.

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