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Wilbur-Ellis: International Marketer And Distributor

October 24, 2013

There are some individuals who look at marketing from a totally different level. There are marketers and traders in a particular locality and even in a particular region. Others though take trading to the international scene. They take their products and services to the world and naturally earn large sums of profits.

Among those individuals who saw the market on an international scale were University of Washington schoolmates Messrs. Wilbur, Ellis and Franck. They opened a small import-export brokerage company in San Francisco with a $5,000 investment in 1921. The company Wilbur-Ellis specialized on trading fishmeal and oil.

The company looked to the Far East for market and growth and acquired Connell Brothers a well-regarded distributor of food and other products. Wilbur-Ellis later diversified into crop protection, fertilizer and chemicals.

Today through its agribusiness division the company provides fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, seeds, and farm machinery in North America. Food ingredients and specialty chemicals is exported and distributed throughout the Pacific Rim through its Connell Bros. unit.  Its feed division serves international customers in the livestock, pet food, and aquaculture industries.  Wilbur-Ells also offers consulting, pesticide application and other agricultural-related services.

Aside from North America, the company has operations in around 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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