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Petco Animal Supplies Inc: Caring About Pets

September 2, 2013

Petco is a chain of retail stores that sells pet supplies and services and live animals as well. The company has headquarters in San Diego, California. It was founded in 1965. Petco Animal Supplies is a holding company for Petco Animal Supplies Stores.

To say the least it is a successfully run company. Petco Animal Supplies is currently the second-largest US retailer of specialty pet supplies. The company is the only pet store that covers the whole US market. It has stores in all 50 states including the District of Columbia. Petco Animal Supplies has around 1,150 stores in total.

The company sells over 10,000 pet-related products for fish, reptiles, birds, cats, dogs and other small animals. As of 2011 annual revenue generated stood at $2.8 billion and employees totaled 22,500.

The large number of employees it has in its pet stores may give the impression that hiring is not that stringent. Petco Animal Supplies does pay close attention to the people they hire. The company boasts of being industry leaders when it comes to complete pet care. The firm believes it’s their duty to nurture the complete health and well-being of animals.

To be part of Petco’s team, its associates must make animals feel loved, happy, comfortable and secure at all times; treat animals humanely at all times; successfully complete all required trainings and pass a comprehensive exam before working with animals at its stores; adhere to stringent, industry leading animal care policies, procedures and veterinary-approved guidelines; and other rules and regulations.

With so many employees the company admits that there are isolated mistakes at times. They encourage customers to report any incident they witness which may be in violation of company policies or improper treatment of animals.

Being a large company handling live animals it has been involved in a number of legal issues some which resulted in the store chain paying hefty fines. Nevertheless it has not been to the extent that stores had to be closed.

Petco was acquired by private equity groups TPG Capital, Leonard Green & Partners, and Freeman Spogil & Co., for $1.8 billion in 2006.

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