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Tribune Company: Enduring Media Pioneer

August 15, 2013

The Tribune Company is over a hundred years old and therefore has its roots in print media. The firm owns well-known publications and is one of the country’s leading multimedia companies. From print it has expanded into broadcasting and digital.

The company’s leading newspaper publications are spread across the country. This includes the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Sun Sentinel (South Florida), Orlando Sentinel, Hartford Courant, The Morning Call and Daily Press.

Its expansion in the broadcasting industry has not been small piece by any means. It owns 23 TV stations in around 20 markets. It also owns cable network WGN America and has a stake in the Food Network.

Included in its digital properties are sites like, and Tribune Interactive is among the country’s leading news and information networks with over 50 websites in total. More than 15.5 million unique viewers visit the sites per month.

Much as it has been an enduring media pioneer that has kept up with the latest technological and market trends the company has had some tough times.  Sam Zell the real estate tycoon took the company private in 2007. The following year the Tribune Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It emerged from bankruptcy in 2012 and is privately held.

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