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Quality King Distributors: Wholesale King

August 12, 2013

When you buy an item at your local grocery store it’s just an ordinary event. Just pick up the item and take it to the counter, pay the bill, and walkout of the store with the item. That item though may have taken an extraordinary journey so you can pick it up off the shelf.

It all starts in the factory where it was manufactured. In fact the item could have come from different factories and assembled in one place. After manufacturing the item is ready to go out. Then it starts its journey to the local grocery store.

We may assume that from the factory the item goes straight to the grocery store. That is usually not the case. Due to economies of scale it may be too costly to deliver those items directly to a small grocery.

What usually happens is a wholesaler buys the items in bulk. The manufacturers like this as it makes their work easier just sell to one or a limited number of entities which will take care of the distribution process. Due to the bulk purchase wholesalers can ask for discounts and sell the products to retailers at affordable prices.

Quality King Distributors is one company that has thrived in the wholesale business. It was founded in 1961 by Bernard Nussdorf and his wife Ruth in Long Island, New York.  The company is privately held and still owned by the Nussdorf family.

Quality King Distributors sells health, beauty and personal care products. These products include name brand skin care, hair and dental items. The company also distributes household items, over-the-counter pain relief medications, and other general merchandise. The firm buys directly from US manufacturers and also from other domestic wholesalers.

Quality King has a small import business as well. The firm sells to major retail chains, grocery stores, wholesale clubs and pharmacies in the U.S.   QK Healthcare is a subsidiary which operates separately having its own management team.

When it comes to wholesale, Quality King Distributors is a major force to contend with.

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