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Sabre Holdings: Travel Technology

August 5, 2013

One of the first things that comes to mind when we thing of travel technology is the transportation vehicle like the jet plane. This vehicle is a technological wonder. Yet one technology has also had a significant impact on travel and tourism and this is the software being used to match the demand and supply of anything from airline seats to hotel rooms and the pricing involved.

One of the companies that has had a significant contribution in this technology is Sabre Holdings, in fact it can be said that Sabre started it all. SABRE actually stands for Semi-Automated Business Research Environment.  It all began when C.R. Smith, president of American Airlines and R. Blair Smith, a senior representative of IBM met on an American Airline flight from Los Angeles to New York in 1953. Their conversation led to the topic of data processing and how it could be used in the industry.

Six years later SABRE was born and enabled American Airlines to replace the handwritten passenger reservations system of the 1950s with the automated reservation systems of the future.

The Sabre system became an integral part of American Airlines and became a division of AMR, the parent company of American Airlines in 1986.  The Sabre Group did and IPO in 1996. Over the years it would bring more innovations in the airline industry as well as the travel in general. Aside from organic growth it has also grown through acquisitions.

Today Sabre Holdings has the no. 1 computerized travel reservation systems in the world. It has four segments. Sabre Travel Network is used by more than 350,000 travel professionals all over the world to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages.

Individuals can make their own travel arrangements through Sabre Airline Solutions provides software, consulting and e-business tools to improve operations of around 400 air carriers and airports. Hotels are taken care of through Sabre Hospitality Solutions.

With headquarters in Southlake, Texas, Sabre Holdings is now privately owned by Texas Pacific Group and Silver Lake Partners.

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