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Sports Authority: Meeting Your Sports Needs

July 18, 2013

America loves sports and to engage in sports you need equipment. Obviously you can’t play basketball without a basketball or a ring for that matter. Of course there are the shoes, socks and the list goes on. From a business angle there’s money in sports and to have the bases covered you should try to be in as many places feasible offering sporting goods to a large market.

This is exactly what Sports Authority, Inc. is into. It’s based in Englewood, Colorado but you’ll find their stores just about everywhere. The company runs more than 450 stores in 45 states under The Sports Authority. If you don’t want to go to one of their stores you have the option of going online at

The firm sells a complete line of sports and fitness equipment, bikes, athletic shoes, and apparel with a bias towards premium brands. You can even rent skis and snowboards from them. In several states the company runs around 10 stores under the SA Elite banner. These stores offer high-end performance footwear, apparel and accessories from premier brands. The Sports Authority also has stores in Japan partnering with AEON CO.

The firm makes good money having annual sales of $3.2 billion in 2011. It is a privately held company owned by Leonard Green & Partners.

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